Tuesday, September 1, 2015

KVM Forum 2015 slides are available!

KVM Forum 2015 was co-located with LinuxCon North America and Linux Plumbers Conference in Seattle, Washington.

The slides and videos for talks are being posted here.

Some of my favorite talks included:

  • Towards multi-threaded TCG by Alex BennĂ©e and Frederic Konrad. Great overview of the TCG just-in-time compiler and how it needs to be extended to support SMP guests.
  • KVM Message Passing Performance by David Matlack. Performance analysis of message-passing performance (but also affects other workloads). The latency diagrams were particularly useful in showing where the overhead is.
  • Using IPMI in QEMU by Corey Minyard. Who would have thought that IPMI would attract this audience and get so much interest? Corey gave a great overview of what IPMI is and how QEMU can support it. Hopefully this work will be upstream soon.