Monday, 24 June 2013

virtio standardization has begun

The virtio paravirtualized I/O interfaces have been widely used in Linux and QEMU. Rusty Russell maintained a specification that the community worked around, but has now kicked off standardization through the OASIS standards body.

Follow virtio specification activity and participate on the VIRTIO Technical Committee page.

Today virtio devices include block (disk), SCSI, net (NIC), rng (random number generator), serial, and 9P (host<->guest filesystem). These devices can operate over PCI (used by x86 KVM), MMIO (used for ARM), and other transports.

I'm participating in the VIRTIO TC and hope this new level of virtio activity leads to even wider adoption of open source virtualized I/O devices.


  1. hi my name is seung hyun in korea. i found your web-site organizing qemu and kvm which i have researched. this is first greeting, however, i have some questions about qemu and virtualization. if you don't mind, please email me "", i can't find your email on your website except for siemens mail. or please recommend me books or document written in english for qemu architecture, i want to use qemu by modifying source code or using its APIs(almost books about qemu i found were written in german)

    1. I do not provide QEMU support over private email. Please email your questions to the QEMU mailing list ( or try the #qemu IRC channel on

      By discussing in public the right people can answer your questions and the discussion is archived and searchable for the future.

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