Wednesday, March 2, 2016

QEMU accepted into Google Summer of Code & Outreachy 2016!

I'm delighted to announce that QEMU has been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2016 and Outreachy May-August 2016.

Both GSoC and Outreachy are 12-week full-time remote work internships. Interns work on a QEMU-related project with the support of a mentor from the QEMU community. Interns are paid for their work by the generous funding from Google (GSoC), Red Hat (Outreachy), and/or IBM (Outreachy).

Find out more about the project ideas that have been proposed:

There are two dedicated IRC channels, #qemu-gsoc and #qemu-outreachy, that candidates can use to discuss project ideas with mentors and ask questions.

Good luck to all applicants!