Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pictures from the Computer History Museum

I visited the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA when attending Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2011. The museum is fantastic for anyone with an interest in computers because they have the actual machines there - PDP-11, VAX, System 360, and much more. I'd like to go back again because I didn't finish seeing everything before closing time :).

Here are some highlights from the museum, selected more for fun than historic value:

IBM flowcharting tools: This is how I design all my QEMU patches.

Fortran, the next Ruby on Rails?

The neat thing is that I was actually on the same flight back home as the GNU Fortran hackers who attended the Mentor Summit. I think they liked the badges :).

System 360 is not as big as you imagine

Alexander Graf probably has one in his bedroom :).

Go and visit if you get a chance. They have the actual teapot that the famous OpenGL teapot is modelled after!