Tuesday, December 4, 2012

qemu-kvm.git has unforked back into qemu.git!

With the QEMU 1.3.0 release the qemu-kvm.git fork has now been merged back. The qemu.git source tree now contains equivalent code - it is no longer necessary to use qemu-kvm.git.

This is great news and has taken a lot of work from folks in the community. The qemu-kvm.git source tree had a number of differences compared to qemu.git. Over time, these changes were cleaned up and merged into qemu.git so that there is no longer a need to maintain a separate qemu-kvm.git source tree.

Many distros had both qemu and qemu-kvm or kvm packages. This sometimes led to confusion when people were unsure which package to install - both packages supported KVM to some degree. Now they are equivalent and distros will be able to simplify QEMU packaging.

For full details of the QEMU 1.3.0 release, see the announcement.