Friday, 4 March 2016

Slides available for "NFS over virtio-vsock: Host/guest file sharing for virtual machines"

I have been working on the virtio-vsock host/guest communications mechanism and the first application is file sharing with NFS. NFS is a mature and stable network file system which can be reused to provide host/guest file sharing in KVM.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the slides from my Connectathon 2016 presentation:

NFS over virtio-vsock: Host/guest file sharing for virtual machines


  1. Sounds great. Do you know when the kernel patches for virtio-vsock will be merged again? They seem to have been merged earlier but then reverted? Thank you.

    1. I'm working to get the VIRTIO specification changes accepted before the Linux patches are merged. This way Linux will ship a version of the device that meets the device specification.

      Hoping to get there within the next 2-3 weeks but it is hard to know.

  2. Hi Stefan,
    Greetings. I gone thro couple of your presentations and found interesting. I am working on KVM. I am required to track when ever network dis-connectivity occurs (i.e) Either the VM cannot access network (ex. internet) or from out side ,VM is not accessible.
    How to achieve this. I am looking for agent less approach at VM but agent based approach at Host. The KVM VM is running under Open Stack with Neutron Enabled. I think your comments or suggestions in this regard will be helpful to me.


    1. Availability monitoring is a well understood topic and there is open source software that implements it at various levels. I would start by looking at existing solutions:

      It's not really KVM-specific, especially if you don't want an agent.