Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How to automatically run checkpatch.pl when developing QEMU

The checkpatch.pl script was recently added to qemu.git as a way to scan patches for coding standard violations. You can automatically run checkpatch.pl when committing changes to git and abort if there are violations:

$ cd qemu
$ cat >.git/hooks/pre-commit
exec git diff --cached | scripts/checkpatch.pl --no-signoff -q -
$ chmod 755 .git/hooks/pre-commit

Any commit that violates the coding standard as checked by checkpatch.pl will be aborted. I am running with this git hook now and will post any tweaks I make to it.

Update: If you encounter a false positive because checkpatch.pl is complaining about code you didn't touch, use git commit --no-verify to override the pre-commit hook. Use this trick sparingly :-).


  1. How did you manage to force commit if messages are false positive?

    1. I have updated the post to mention the git commit --no-verify option which lets you override the pre-commit hook. This is the solution you are looking for.

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  3. Thanks Stefan, let's also recommend running pycodestyle, for ex:


    set -e

    git diff --cached | pycodestyle --diff

    git diff --cached | scripts/checkpatch.pl --no-signoff -q -